4th Biennial WCIAA Conference- UWYO-Laramie, Wyoming

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Mar 252015


Production Pour2

Pearlsnaps                 10670225_1493156977605639_1855927529026307247_n

Bringing the greater cast iron art community to Laramie was a huge success!  On September 24th 2014 we hosted the 4th Biennial Western Cast Iron Art Conference where workshops were held, public iron pours, exhibitions, panel discussions, and demonstrations all surrounding cast iron art making.


Among these enriching events and experiences were a juried, student and professional, art exhibition in the UW Visual Arts Main Gallery which included a reception serving as an opening for the conference to honor visiting artists and community members.

IMG_4330     IMG_4338

WCIAA Board members has their Pearlsnaps Exhibition around the Visual Arts Building grounds.

Vaughn demo_02  demolding3

Iron workshops and demonstrations were held for students of all ages and backgrounds so that many could have something poured in iron during the conference.

Panel discussions occurred each day that imparted information for novice and professional artists and community members in regards to professional options after school in art and sculpture in particular, public art portfolios by both artists and administrators of public art programs, foundry productions around the US and in China.

IMG_1032 copyOur keynote speaker John Grade is from Seattle and was a key highlight for this conference not only for those specifically here for the conference happenings but for the greater Wyoming community both young and old.


Last Supper              Chna Foundry managers check out waxes

19 states were represented as well as China, which gave the conference breadth and brought the country together here in Laramie.


IMG_4162      During this conference,  furnaces from around the region filled our parking lot and sculpture yard, allowing us to melt over 10,000 pounds of molten iron.   Our iron was funded by donations and grant money from the Wyoming Arts council, the Wyoming Cultural Trust and the UW Research Office as well as the UW ART Museum and Art Department.  These generous entities made it possible for conference goers to not had ego pay for their iron.Thank you to all as we could not have done this without you!

performance pour2 copy Performance events were open to the public as spectators watched hand built contraptions catch and throw around molten iron for a spectacular fire-filled happening.


Last Supper  IMG_4316

Cast Iron art making bonds participants together as this effort is not accomplished without a collaborative effort.  We work together to help the metal reach its goal- an artwork that will hopefully reach its audience.


DSC_0040 _MG_2741 _MG_3208   publicart2

_MG_2729         demolding1


students learning       outdoor exhibition3

IMG_0822 2  Ted Relining his furnace




waxes1      Tom and Jack have lunch


Laramie 2014 Schedule! And Panels!

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Aug 282014

We’ve got the schedule sorted for the conference! Click here to have a look at what’s in store.

There’s also a new page listing panel discussions, which center on options for young sculptors in and out of school, and on public art. It’s a really exciting lineup.

Just a few weeks to go!

Keynote speaker John Grade

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Aug 052014

4 ShoalJohn Grade and I met several years ago when a student of mine came home from the Miami Art Basil with one of his catalogs for his work.  His forms spoke to me then and I immediately worked on getting him here for a visiting artist gig here at UW.  What I found through this interaction was a kind, smart, driven, and incredibly down to earth artist that both the students and I could aspire to become.  For the conference he will be sharing his new work Middle Fork.

For more info on John and the work he’ll be exhibiting in Laramie, click here.

Sculpture Yard Cleaning!

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Jul 282014

We’re getting our sculpture yard ready! Excited for a clean and organized work space!sculpture yard_radiators

sculp yard

Brands for your leathers!

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Jul 182014


Our latest work in preparation for the conference…Utilizing the laser engraver to make brands for our leathers!

Get ready to pour Wyo style!

Patti Fiasco Is A Go!

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Jul 082014

Catch Patti Fiasco closing down Laramie’s Western Cast Iron Conference on our final night, September 27, and get ready to ‘Shake’! Venue pending.

Hear her song ‘Shake’ here and check out her website for more information!

The Patti Fiasco – Shake


China Foundry on Board!

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Jul 072014

Hello Iron folks!  We have exciting news.  The largest Bronze foundry in China will be sending key representation to our Laramie Conference and they will speak on the Public Art Panel.

Please check out their site!     Jiangxi Toqine Metal Handicrafts Co

.china foundry


Conference Poster and Updated Info!

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May 252014

Two things for you to have a look at as the conference approacheth:

WCIAC 2014 PosterThe 2014 poster has been released, to have a look at, post at your university, etc.  You’ll also want to look at the pdf of the back of the poster, a separate pdf – it has a lot of important info that (at the time I’m writing this)hasn’t  been broken down into individual web pages yet. So look at it here – it’s currently the most comprehensive source of info on the conference.  Just click on the thumbnail image of the poster, then the link below.

WCIAC 2014 Back (conference info)

Things are shaping up. More to come…

What it's like in Laramie, WYO

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May 202014

LaramiewithLogoHere’s one reason you’ll want to make sure to get to Laramie for the conference. Geez, look at that!


See you in Laramie!

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May 202014

2014 Western Cast Iron Art Conference poster

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2014 Western Cast Iron Art Conference in Laramie, WY   –  it’ll take place from September 24-28, and you’ll want to get registered right away. Feel free to get in touch through our contact form, or send your registration form to Ashley in Laramie. (Click the thumbnail image to see the 2014 poster and find her email address – if we put a direct link here, she’d be overwhelmed with automated spam.)

Keep an eye on this site – info will appear rapidly in days to come. The latest news will now appear on the homepage, right below. So, get in touch, and bookmark this site. If you haven’t been to a WCIAA conference, you’re in for a treat.